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Getting Started: UCL Places & Services

Where do I update my addresses?

Student Records hold three addresses for you on their system - your home address, your contact address and your term time address. As they are each used for a slightly different purpose, it is important that they are constantly updated via your Portico account to avoid any miscommunication between you and UCL.

  • Home address: this is a record of your permanent home address, e.g. where your parents/guardians live. This can be an overseas address and will usually not need to be updated during your time at university.
  • Contact address: is the address UCL will use for all formal correspondence, (including your degree certificate at the end of your time here) and is therefore the most important address to keep up to date.
  • Term time address: this is the address which is your main residence during term time, usually in London. It is the address that will be printed on the letter UCL produces to prove student exemption from Council Tax. This is also the address that will be printed on the letter that UCL produces to help students open a bank account.


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The Student Centre is located on the ground floor of the Chadwick Building on the Gower Street Campus. As you enter the main gate from Gower Street the Chadwick Building is the large building on your right. Just past the Front Lodge Reception on your right you will see a large glass door which leads into the Chadwick Building via steps or a ramp. The Student Centre is through this door and is the first room on your right. For fees and funding enquiries, go to the first room on your left.   


The UCL Student Centre is open 10am to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 11am  to 5pm on Wednesdays (excluding college closure days and public holidays). For more information, please see

You can go to the Student Centre with questions about ...

The map below shows where workstations can be found around UCL. For more information, click here.


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