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Social Media for Researchers: Research Gate

Research Gate

ResearchGate is another social networking site also founded in 2008.  It was founded for scientists (members are encouraged to share raw data and failed experiments, as well as successes) but now includes researchers working in all disciplines.  It won the "Digital Innovation of the Year" award from Focus magazine and is considered to be a 'mashup' of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as it has brought together some of the facilites from these other social media sites. Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder, is an investor.  It has just over two million members.

Register on Research Gate

1.  Create an account - preferably with your institutional email account rather than Facebook.

Add Papers

2.  You can add peer-reviewed, non-peer reviewed papers or supplementary materials such as presentations on Research Gate.

One Click Upload

ResearchGate will ask that you upload full-text versions of your papers but you must only do this if all rights are cleared.

Invite and Endorse

You can invite other authors, including your co-authors onto Research Gate.  Once you are following individuals, you will be informed of the acitivity on your network. 

Network and Collaborate

Linking to researchers from your institute or those working in the same research area as you will allow you to network and collaborate on research projects.