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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Education Resources: Welcome

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This guide was created to highlight some of the resources available which are of particular relevance to Black history and Black experiences of education. The resources detailed in this guide were identified through personal knowledge, via mailing lists and consultation with librarians and academics. It is hoped that the guide will be built upon as more resources come to light and that it may become a one stop shop for information on education relating to Black history and Black educational experiences.

Additionally, this guide includes resources pertaining to Asian educational experiences also as 'BAME' refers to both Black and Asian within the UK. Resources and organisations have been selected to illustrate the range and content available and encourage wider knowledge of and usage of these resources.

About this guide

This guide seeks to be an inclusive hub for information, which is sometimes hard to locate, relating to Black. Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in the UK, particularly with reference to education but also as a way to provide a snapshot of some of the vast range of international resources available.

Black History Month October 2017

October is Black History Month in the UK. The Black History Month website is updated annually and has a useful list of activities, talks and events.  

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