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Getting Started: Zones

Zones in the IOE Library

The IOE Library has 3 types of zones in the library marking out Silent, Collaborative and Social spaces. In all areas, covered drinks are allowed. However, food, group work and phone calls are only allowed in selected areas on level 4. You can find more information in the tabs above.

Silent -- no phones, conversation or food. Silent zones include all of level 3 and 5 and the Post-Graduate room on level 4.


Collaborative -- group work is allowed but phone conversations are prohibited. Collaborative zones are on level 4 only.


Social -- food, phone calls and group conversations are allowed only in the seating area on level 4 at the front of the library between the library entrance, MFD room and stairway. Cold snacks are fine, but no hot food, please. Also, please respect others and keep conversations muted.

Level 3 is a Silent Zone allowing covered drinks only.


No food, talking or phone conversations are allowed on level 3.


The area seating area at the front of the library is the only Social Zone in the IOE Library.  Cold food and muted conversations are allowed in this area. Please dispose of waste appropriately.


Collaborative areas can be found beyond the stairs on level 4.  Two Group Study Rooms at the back of level 4 can be booked for one to two hours at a time. These rooms are for group study (not single students) where covered drinks are allowed but no food and phone conversations, please.

Sections at the back of level 4 in Curriculum Resources are zoned as collaborative group work.

PC labs 1, 2 and 3 may also be collaborative areas when booked for classes.

The Level 4 Post-graduate Room is in a Silent Zone.

Covered drinks are allowed, but group work, phones and food are not.

Level 5 in the library is a Silent Zone where covered drinks are allowed and food and phone conversations are not.

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