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Main Education Collections: UK and International: Comparative Education Collection

Comparative Education Collection

The Institute of Education has had a long and lively interest in teaching and researching educational systems outside the UK and the IOE Library has always collected international material for various collections including the Comparative Collection.

The Comparative Collection includes the Library's material on education systems outside the UK classified by continent, country or region. Nearly 200 countries or regions are included in this collection and all resources, both electronic and in print, are on Explore.

Overseas Statistics (O/STATS) in Store includes annual reports and statistics of education arranged by country or region. O/STATS can be retrieved by using "statistics of education" as part of your search on Explore. Earlier materials (some of which date back to the 19th century) are in Store and listed only on the O/STATS card catalogue on level 3. O/STATS since 1995 can be found on the open shelves. All O/STATS must be requested in advance at the library Help Point.

For the up-to-date websites for statistics, go to International Education Links on these pages or to the Statistics of Education & Reference LibGuide.

International Sources in the Library

International materials in other collections

While the Comparative Collection concentrates on education systems and practices in countries and regions, you will also be able to find a vast range of international resources in other collections in the Library.

The tabs that follow reflect World Bank regions which include new library sources and relevant links for Regional Sources and Resources: