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John Stanley Beaumont Boyce: War and Peace

An introduction to the Boyce archive

Resources in the collection relating to education, war and peace

The main section of the Boyce archive relevant to education, war and peace is under the RefNo BOY/2. It is a small, biographical collection that provides one person's account of serving in Germany for the British Army during, the Second World War, and the immediate aftermath. It includes:

  • Photographs, drawings, artefacts from the period of Nazism and papers relating to his employment for the Army
  • Monthly reports for the military government in Minden covering education, youth movements, religious affairs and future policy in Germany
  • Letters home to his wife, all dating from 1945, describing his work in the British Zone of Germany, including the accounts of concentration camp survivors and interactions with German people

Use the papers relating to his later career to gain a better understanding of the impact on war on his life back in the UK.

How this collection has been used by our researchers

In recent years this collection has been used to:

  • Write an autobiography of John Boyce
  • Create learning resources for children aged 10-11 years to help them learn about the Second World War, investigating micro-histories and censorship.

Subject Guide

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