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Girls' Day School Trust: War and Peace

Introduction to the archive of the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST)

Resources in the collection relating to education, war and peace

Covering the period 1872-2014, the collection includes a wealth of information relating to international conflict and peace movements during the period. Highlights include:

  • Impact of the First World War on education: find out about how pupils and teachers were affected by changes to education provision, such as the German teachers who had their employment terminated due to their nationality, or read the limited guidance given to schools on how to respond in the event of possible air raids
  • Impact of the Second World War: find out about the official guidance given to schools during the war - and about how schools, headteachers, teachers and pupils reacted to gain a better understanding of the untold stories of the impact of war during this period
  • Evacuation: read about how the central Trust and the schools managed the evacuation of their pupils both within the UK, and abroad 
  • Post 1945 educational reconstruction: use the collection to see how independent schools responded to the 1944 Education Act which extended secondary education as a distinct phase in education provision to all children
  • Curriculum: the collection can be used to gain a better understanding of how peace and conflict has been taught in the schools

How this collection has been used by our researchers

This year researchers have used the archive of the GDST to:

  • Gain a better understanding of how the First World War has been taught in schools since 1919. Records consulted included those at GDS/17
  • Learn about the told and untold stories of the experiences of evacuation during the Second World War. Archives were used to stimulate a joint reminiscence session for GDST alumni and researchers, and the creation of oral histories. Please contact the archives for further information.

Subject Guide

Can't find what you're looking for?

Using online archive catalogues can be confusing, so to get you started we've created some links to the most popular resources in the collection for the following subjects:

First World War

Second World War

Post-1945 Education reconstruction