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Special Educational Needs: Welcome

Guide to archive collections held by the IOE Library and Archives on Special Educational Needs (SEN)


This guide provides an introduction to the IOE's archive collections on special educational needs (SEN). These collections can be used to research the history of SEN from the early 1900s right up to modern day. We have also selected a range of other resources that are available either online or at other archives and libraries.

History of Special Educational Needs

To gain an understanding of the history of special educational needs, particularly in respect of policy, we recommend you have a look at 'Education in England: the history of our schools'. This is a well-structured website that is organised into chronological chapters. Each chapter has a section on special educational needs with links to relevant pieces of legistaion.

From the Amelia Fysh Archive

(RefNo: AF/1/3/A/23)