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Education, War and Peace : Collections

A guide to the IOE's archive and historical collections that can be used to support research on education, war and peace. The guide also provides information on how to search across our collections

ISCHE2014, 23rd-26th July 2014

Top 10 collections for education, war and peace


1. BFES/SCE Association: Association for teachers who worked at British Forces schools around the world (1946-present day) 

2. John Stanley Beaumont Boyce: Educationist who served with the British Army during the Second World War, responsible for Army Education programmes in Germany during the immediate post-war period.

3. Sir Fred Clarke: Eminent educationist who played a central role in UK social reconstruction policies (particularly education) during the post-1945 period and travelled widely writing about education in many countries

4. Isabel Fry:  Educationist, social worker, reformer, and prolific diarist who kept an almost daily diary from 1907-1958

5. German Educational Reconstruction: Voluntary organisation established in 1943 to help German refugee educationists. After the war the focus shifted to the promotion of Anglo-German relations 

6. David Hicks: British teacher and academic who promoted world studies, peace education and futures societies for the curriculum (1973-2003)

7. National Union of Women Teachers (NUWT): Teachers' union interested in all aspects of social policy, including the inter-war international peace movement and the impact of the Second World War on education provision

8. Official Publications: Government and selected non-government publications on education and related social policy from 1850s-present day

9. Brian Simon: Eminent educationist and education historian who served during the Second World War, researched post-war reconstruction policies, wrote the seminal history of education in the UK 1780-1990, and travelled widely including to the Soviet Union 

10. World Education Fellowship: International organisation promoting child-centered education, social reform through education, democracy, world citizenship, international understanding and the promulgation of world peace


You may also be interested in...

Arabella Kurdi:  the British Families Education Service School Meals and Domestic Science Organiser in Germany 1947-1951

Mimi Hatton: a British Families Education Service teacher in Germany 1946-1952

Girls' Day School Trust (GDST): group of independent girls schools established from 1873 to present day

Horace Panting: a London teacher who experienced evacuation first-hand

Joseph Lauwerys: comparative educationist central to post-1945 European peace movement

Margaret Read: anthropologist influential in shaping British attitude to post-war colonial education

Arthur Sporne: a teacher who collected essays written by his pupils about their lives written in 1914 and 1952

R H Tawney: economic and social historian active in post-war education and social reform

Ronald Wilson: adult educationist based in Germany 1945-1963

Duncan Taylor: producer for BBC Radio programmes for schools

Writing Research Projects: research data comprising writing by school children from the 1960s on a range of subjects from across the curriculum

Curriculum Resources: the Library's main collection of modern day teaching resources

Special Collections: the representation of war and peace in selected Special Collections