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Borrowing Allowance, Fines and Renewals: Renewing Library Books

Renewing Books

Anyone borrowing books from the IOE Library can renew books remotely by logging into their UCL Library account. Please note that you cannot renew:

  • Overdue books.
  • One day loans. 
  • Recalled items. 

If you need to speak to someone about books on your account, please contact us by emailing

How to Renew Books on UCL Explore

To renew your library books, first go to UCL Explore. On the top right hand corner there will be an option that says "Sign In."

Screenshot of UCL Explore with the Sign in option circled

Once you click on "Sign in" a pop up box will come up asking you to sign in. If you are a UCL student or staff member, select "UCL students and staff." You will be asked to log in with your UCL username and password. If you are an external borrower, select "Other library members." You will be asked to log in with the barcode on the back of your UCL Library card and your UCL library password. 

UCL Login page

Once you've logged in, the page will re-direct to the UCL Explore home page. However, your name will be in the top right hand corner of UCL Explore. If you click on your name, a menu will appear. Select "My Library Account."

UCL Explore Account Menu

After selecting "My Library Account" you will be taken to a page that lists all of the books you have on loan, any overdue fines you might have, and any outstanding library requests you may have. At the top of the box listing books you have on loan, there will be a "Renew all" button. Clicking this button will renew all of your library books. 

Image of Library Account page with Renew All circled