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RSS: Keeping current with your research: RSS Readers

Selecting a Feed Reader

There are many options available when selecting an RSS reader (see this extensive directory of readers).  Here is a select sample of popular readers which can be web-based, client-based or browser-based:

Web-Based: No downloading or installation required. You can access your feeds from different computers.

Browser-Based: Add RSS feeds right into your browser.

  • Firefox: live bookmarks are part of your regular bookmarks
  • Internet Explorer: feeds are incorporated into your favorites etc

It is advisable that you test some of the above and decide which best suits the way you work. 

RSS on Zotero

Zotero has an in-built RSS Feed Reader. Use it to subscribe to updates from all of your journals and add relevant articles to your Zotero library. 

Adding Feeds to Zotero

  • To create a new feed, click the New Group or Feed icon New Group or Feed Icon then select New Feed

  • If you have a URL to a single journal feed, select From URL, then paste in the URL. If you have an OPML file for a group of feeds, select From OPML, then upload your OPML file.

You'll now see your Feeds appear in the collections pane under My Library and Group Libraries (if you have previously created any group libraries).

You can browse your journals individually. Journal titles in bold have unread items; articles in bold have not been viewed. To add an article to your library, select in the middle pane and select Add to "My Library" in the top right. Note that the item metadata will usually require some tidying up, as the metadata coming from the RSS feed is frequently incomplete or improperly coded.

Using Outlook

The latest version of Outlook has built in RSS support so you can use it as a feed reader.

You may want to consider doing this if you want a universal inbox for email and RSS feeds, and you'd like the option to download your RSS feeds to read later. More Information