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Women and Education: At the IOE

Resources on women's education in the IOE archives

Archive collections

Papers of Gene Adams (DC/GA)

Adams was the Museum Education Adviser for the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) from the 1960s. Her papers, [1966-1996], relate to her work and the use of museums by teachers.  


Papers of Mary Irene Anderson (DC/AN)
Anderson was the headmistress of the Aburi Girls' Secondary School, Ghana, 1953-1970. Her papers, 1920-1970, mainly relate to her work at the school.  


Papers of George and Judith Baines (DC/BA)

The Baines were primary school teachers who pioneered new teaching methods in an open-plan environment at Eynsham Primary School in the 1960s-1980s.


Papers of Katherine Bathurst (DC/KB)

Bathhurst was a female school inspector who criticised public elementary schools. Her papers, 1891-1931, relate to her work as a school inspector and her involvement in later debates.


Photographs and papers of Brenda Francis (DC/BF)

Francis was an advisory teacher in home economics who worked in London. Her papers, 1930s-1980s, mainly contain photographs of domestic science classes and other papers regarding home economics.


Papers of Isabel Fry (DC/FY)

Fry was the founder of two experimental schools where training in farm and household duties were emphasised. Her papers, 1878-1958, contain her diaries/ notebooks and other papers.


Papers of Amelia Fysh (DC/AF)

Fysh was the head of Beech Green Nursery School, which pioneered the integration of handicapped children into mainstream schooling. Her papers, 1951-2002, mainly relate to her work at Beech Green.


Papers of Dorothy Gardner  (DC/DG)

Gardner was the head of the Child Development Department at the IOE, 1933-1992. Her papers, 1933-1992, mainly regard her work at the IOE and research into child development.


Records of the Girls’ Day School Trust, (DC/GDS)

The Girls’ Day School Trust have opened and operated a group of independent girls’ schools in England and Wales since 1873. The Records, 1872-2005 comprises the main administrative records of the Trust.


Papers of Mimi Hatton (DC/MH)
Hatton taught in Germany with the British Families Education Service (BFES), 1946-1952. Her papers, 1946-1952, relate to her work with the BFES and an account of her service written in 2001.


Papers of Ethel Martha Hatchard (DC/EH)

Hatchard was a career teacher in London. Her papers, [1906]-1950s, include records regarding her teaching career and examples of teaching materials.  


Papers of Susan Isaacs (DC/SI)

Isaacs was head of the experimental Malting House School and the first head of the Department of Child Development at the IOE. Her papers, 1928-1979, contain personalia; correspondence; writings; and press cuttings concerning her role as the agony aunt 'Ursula Wise'.


Papers of Hilde Jarecki (DC/HJ)

Jarecki worked as the Senior Professional Advisor for the London Playgroup Association. Her papers, 1945-1997, contain biographical papers, material for publication and papers relating to the playgroup associations.


Papers of Arabella Kurdi (DC/AK)

Kurdi worked as School Meals and Domestic Science Organiser from The British Families Education Service (BFES) in post-war Germany. Her papers, 1947-[1971], relate to her work in Germany including material relating to the school meals service.


Papers of Elsie Victoria Lane (DC/EL)

Lane was hairdresser who ran a wig-making school in London. Her papers, 1881-1973, include personalia, autobiographical notes and correspondence.


Papers of David and Mary Medd (DC/ME)

The Medds worked for Hertfordshire County Council Architect's Department and joined the Architects and Building Branch at the Ministry of Education in 1949. They designed notable educational buildings and designed school furniture and equipment. Their papers, [1940s-1990s] cover every aspect of their work and also include the personal papers of Mary Medd.  


Papers of Eileen Molony (DC/EM)

Molony, television producer, was involved in the production of a wide range of programmes. The collection, 1969-[1979] contains material relating to her BBC television series 'The Expanding Classroom' (1969).


Papers of Professor Kate Myers (DC/MYE)

Myers was the Senior Associate of The Leadership for Learning Network at the University of Cambridge and an adviser for The London Challenge. Her papers, 1970s-1990s, contain material relating to various projects she was involved in mainly regarding equal opportunities.


Records of the National Union of Women Teachers (NUWT) (DC/UWT)

The NUWT was a union of teachers whose main aim was to obtain equal pay for female teachers but was also interested in other issues affecting teachers. The records, 1904-1961, cover every aspect of the Union’s work until equal pay was adopted in 1961.


Papers of Lady Bridget Horatia Plowden (1910- 2000) (DC/PL)

Lady Plowden was Chair of the Central Advisory Council for Education, 1963-1966. Her papers mainly relate to her work on the Committee of Enquiry into Primary Education which produced the influential report, Children and Their Primary Schools (also known as the ‘Plowden’ report), published in 1967.


Papers of Margaret Helen Read, 1889-1991 (DC/MR)
Read was an social anthropologist who was the Head of the IOE’s Department of Education in Tropical Areas. Her papers, 1900-[1982], contain travel notebooks and diaries; photographs, including albums of overseas visits and tours; personalia; drafts of published and unpublished writings; and correspondence.


Papers of Margherita Rendel (DC/RL)

Rendel was a as a barrister whose interests focused around discrimination against women, especially in higher education, and was Lecturer in Human Rights and Education at the IOE. Her papers, 1965-1988, related to a survey for UNESCO of Courses and Research in Political Science, Law and Related Disciplines Concerned with the Role and Status of Women, 1979-1982. 


Papers of Cynthia Reynolds (DC/CR)

Reynolds was an Advisory Teacher on home economics for the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) Advisory Teacher. Her papers, 1963-1985, mainly related to her work in promoting and developing courses in parenting and home economics curriculum development.

Papers of the White family (DC/WF)

This collection, 1883-1964, comprises the papers of three female generations of the White family who all worked at teachers, including papers relating to activities at The Garden School which was based on principles of love, freedom, brotherhood, cooperation and service.

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