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Theses and Dissertations: Theses database: EThOS

EThOS, the Electronic Theses Online Service

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EThOS is the Electronic Theses Online Service, a British Library initiative which provides access to UK doctoral theses online. Many UK theses are now online via the EThOS service. It allows you to:

  • search over 500,000+ theses records,
  • freely download the full-text of UK digitised theses,
  • order a download of theses from participating institutions.

British university theses must be requested via EThOSAnyone who wishes to view a UK thesis must first register for the service. If the thesis is already digitised, you will be able to download it.

If a thesis has not been digitised, you can request for a digital copy to be added to EThOS. Please note that in most cases there is a charge for this, generally around £50. 

About EThOS Video

For help in using EThOS check out the British Library’s online guide. To download theses or request a theses to be digitised, visit the EThOS registration page.