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Official Publications: Organisations

Other government departments

We collect publications produced by other Government departments when they relate to children, education and schools. These include: 

Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Department of Employment.

Department for Communities and Local Government.

Key educational organisations

The Department for Education is the UK's main body responsible for education at all levels and for children's services. 

We have an extensive collection of print resources published by the Department and its previous incarnations and you can search for them in Explore

Whenever possible, we also aim to have electronic copies in DERA.

Examples of DfE publications.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England was, until April 2018, the main body responsible for distributing funding to higher and further education institutions in England. Further to the Higher Education and Research Act, it was replaced by the Office for Students and Research England

Browse HEFCE publications in our collection.

Examples of HEFCE publications.

The Office for Fair Access, active until April 2018, was responsible for ensuring fair access to higher education in England. It has now been replaced by the Office for Students

Browse OFFA publications in our collection.

Examples of OFFA publications.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation is responsible for regulating qualifications and examinations in England. 

Browse Ofqual publications in our collection.

Examples of OFQUAL publications.  

The Office for Standards in Education,Children's Services and Skills is responsible for inspecting and regulating schools and other services for learners of all ages.

Browse Ofsted publications in our collection.

Examples of OFSTED publications.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is responsible for monitoring and improving the quality of UK higher education. 

Browse QAA publications in our collection.

Examples of QAA publications.

Pressure groups

Our pressure groups section includes material published by political parties and trade unions. It is an extremely varied area of the collection, featuring manifestos, guidance, consultation documents, statements, leaflets and much more. 

Work is ongoing to strengthen this area of the collection even further and much has been done already, especially in relation to the National Union of Teachers. More information is available in the NUT section of this LibGuide.

Current DERA Organisations

DERA contains documents collected from over 100 organisations with links to education.