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Using Ebooks: Staff support

Linking to ebooks on Moodle

In order to reduce the possibility of students not being able to access recommended ebooks, especially when credits run out, please ensure that any links you add to Moodle point to the detailed record page, not the ebooks directly.

The preferred links are generally very long and begin with "https://ucl-new-primo.hosted."

The main advantage of linking to the detailed record page is that all the ebook copies available to our users, including those not at risk of running out of credits, will be clearly displayed.

Screenshot of an ebook record in Explore.

Contact us

For all your Moodle-related queries, please get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Services Team.  

Ebooks and Digitisation

We try our best to purchase ebook copies of reading list material.

When this is not possible, academic departments can request that an item be digitised. However, due to copyright restrictions, we are only allowed to digitise a maximum of one chapter per book and the hard copy must be available in the library before we do so. 

To find out more, please contact our Digitisation Team.