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Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) and predecessors Archives: Gallery

This guide provides an introduction to the archives of UCET

About the gallery

This page provides links to the UCET catalogue online. The links are intended to give you an idea of the content of the collection and to help you discover how the collection can help you in your research.

If you would like to use images from the collection please get in touch with the archives ( 

Surveys of the employment of teachers

UCET's survey of teachers

Between 1985 and 1996 UCET published an annual survey on the employment of students completing courses of Initial Teacher Training. The archive contains all the published surveys as well as background information, discussions and further papers regarding the completion of the surveys. Click on the link to go to the Archive Catalogue for further information.

Resources on the James Committee and the subsequent White Paper, 1972

UCET report on Teacher Education  

The UCET collection contains a wealth of information on the work of the Committee of Enquiry into Teacher Education (James Committee), its report 'Teacher Education and Training' and the subsequent White Paper 'Education: a Framework for Expansion' (1972). Click on the image to link to the Archive Catalogue for further information. 

Training for graduates

Professional training for graduates

Should graduates also complete professional teacher training? The answer to this has not always been so obvious. Click on the image to find see a full list of records discussing the training of graduates for teaching.

Inservice education and training for teachers




Resources on inservice education and training

The education and training of teachers working in schools has been a central area of UCET's work. Click on the image to find for a full list of records in the collection on this subject.

Recruitment of teachers to shortage subjects

Teachers for shortage subjects

Recruitment for shortage subjects such as Mathematics and Science has always been an issue. UCET worked with the Royal Society to consider the matter. Click on the image for a link to a full list of relevant files on the Archive Catalogue.