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Twitter for Researchers: Twitter Basics

Setting up your Twitter account

Follow the instructions outlined below to set up your Twitter account:

  1. Begin at
  2. Follow the screen prompts and enter your name, email address and a memorable password.
  3. Choose a username - if you are setting up a professional account, use your own name e.g. NazlinBhimani or title if you have a distinctive one, e.g. Director_IOE.
  4. Agree the terms and conditions after you have read them.
  5. Click on 'Create my account'.
  6. Add your photo, information about yourself (160 characters) - make this interesting if you want to be followed - and a URL (your blog or your website).
  7. Start following others - see the  'How to search Twitter' box.


This is @IOELibrary's home page on Twitter. A glossary of Twitter terms is available on the next page in this guide. There is also plenty of help on Twitter to get you started.

Some advice

Your Twitter account is your public face so

  • Don't tweet anything that is not appropriate for public consumption as your tweets will remain on cyberspace in some form or another even after they have been deleted;
  • Do not over re-tweet as Twitter will consider this as spamming;
  • Do block followers who send you inappropriate content - and report them to Twitter;
  • Do respond to tweets that are sent to you directly as this shows a willingness to participate in an online community of followers; and finally,
  • Do add a little personal touch :) We are, after all, human and the human interest stories will draw users to you!