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Twitter for Researchers: Searching Twitter

Search Tips

To begin searching on Twitter, simply type in the keyword in the Search box at the top RH-side of the screen:
The following provide the limiters you need to fine-tune your search:
  • Use -RT to remove retweets from the search results.
  • Use near: tube near:London within:5mi to see tweets sent within a five-mile radius about the tube.
  • Use tube near:London within:5mi filter:links to see tweets sent within a five-mile radius about the tube with links.
  • Use from:username to search for tweets by one particular person/organisation.
  • If you want to look up positive, negative results or those with questions, add :) , :( or ? to your search.
  • To search up to and from a date, you can add since:2013-01-01 and until:2013-03-10 - these will show tweets between 1st January and 10th March 2013.

Searching on Twitter

With over 200 million active users and approximately 2,000 new tweets posted every second, it is useful to have some search tips to hand for finding information on Twitter.

Twitter Search

Saving searches

You can save up to 25 searches on Twitter.  To save a search, then click on the cog icon on the top RH-corner and click on 'Save search'.  This will allow you to access the search (or search string if you have used some of the limiters) again by clicking in the search box and selecting the search from a drop-down menu.