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Twitter for Researchers: Some Twitter Tools

URL Shorteners

Use a URL shortener ito minimise the number of characters on your tweet and keep track of the number of clicks you get.


Storify will allow you to create a story from all your social media posts including Twitter.  If you have tweeted at a conference or want to see who has tweeted from a conference, you can collate all the tweets with the same hastage, e.g. #FNLA14 and keep them in one place as a 'story'. 

There is a four-step process to create a story:

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Search for the hashtag for the event/conference
  3. Select individual or all the tweets with this hashtag
  4. Create the story.

Linking Twitter to Facebook & LinkedIn to Twitter

If you have a Facebook account, you can send your tweets to Facebook. 

You can also use LinkedIn to send updates and share information from LinkedIn to Twitter.  If you want to send your tweets to LinkedIn, type in #li (hashtage l and i) at the end of your tweet.

Desktop viewers

If you're managing more than one Twitter account or want to see your tweets, RTs , hastags and mentions all on the same screen, use a desktop viewer.  Here are evaluations to the some of the most used viewers.









Top Twitter Tools according Fourth Source

twitonomy logo

Twitonomy will enable you to analyse your Twitter account (to gauge your 'reach') to see how many of your tweets are being retweeted and where you are mentioned.  It also allows you to see other users accounts and to compare yours with their account and/or compare other accounts.  This can be useful if you are trying to reach a wide audience.  The results are displayed visually and this makes Twitonomy powerful tool.

followerwonk logo

It gives you the ability to search Twitter biographies and therefore find users that are relevant in your discipline.  It also allows you to target your content to a specific audience.  On Followerwonk, you can also compare Twitter accounts against yours which is useful if your profile is similar to someone elses. If you’re desperate to target your content to a particular audience but don’t know where to find them, this is the tool for you. 


If you're tweeting at an event and want to generate a hashtag for this event, will help you find the right which will have the widest reach by showing you alternatives and duplicates (to avoid).  If you want to analyse the tweets, you will have to subscribe so it's best to use other free tools. 

bitly logo

Bitly not only allows you to shorten weblinks (e.g. this is the link for a book on the Library Catalogue whereas the full link would look something like this:{CKEY}&searchfield1=GENERAL^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^&user_id=WEBSERVER) but you can also track the link to see how many times it has been clicked on and by who. Bitly can generate a QR code for your link whcih is useful if you are considering on using this technology to guide users to additional information.

tweroid logo

If your Twitter follower list is international (so useful for most IOE accounts), Tweriod is a great way of gauging when to tweet to ensure greatest impact.  This tool will analyse your followers to see when they are most active (hour in the day and the days of the week including weekends) in order to ensure that you have a large receiving audience. Tweriod will take some time to provide this report and will DM you when this report is ready. 

Periscope: real-time movies on Twitter

Periscope - which is a live video streaming app - was created by Twitter to enable you to "explore the world through the eyes of somebody else". To use Periscope, do the following:

1.  Download the Periscope App (iOS and Android)

2. Register yourself using your Twitter Account

3. Start using it to live video stream on Twitter (the film will stay up for 24 hours) so if you want to keep it, make sure you save it on your phone and then upload it to another site such as YouTube.

4. Just like in Twitter, users will be notified that you are filming and will send you s to show they are enjoying your video.  So seeing hearts is a good sign.  Users can also respond to the video by sending tweets from Periscope.

And if you really must ...

If you really need to send out a longer tweet, all is not lost!  Use TwitLonger available at Simply sign in with your Twitter account and write to your heart's content.