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Twitter for Researchers: Twitter Glossary

Glossary of Twitter terms

"Hashtags []#], used to collate tweets on a particular subject, are great for community building, with regulars such as #PhDchat, #AcWri and #ScholarSunday providing opportunities for academics to interact with and learn from each other. Others, such as #AcademicsWithCats and #AcademicsWithBeer, are a little more light-hearted, building communities around extra-curricular interests.

The recently coined #AcaDowntime is encouraging academics to take time away from work, and a quick skim through reveals that we are an active bunch.

Particularly amusing (and distracting) are hashtag games, whereby people offer up their best humour in response to a challenge posed in a hashtag. #RuinADateWithAnAcademicInFiveWords, #AcademicForecast, and #ScienceAMovieQuote are among my favourites"

Author of the article in the Times Higher Education -  Glen Wright of @AcademiaObscura