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Assistive Technology: Balabolka

Introduction to Balabolka

Balabolka is screen reading software that uses the computer’s existing voice, however it is possible to buy and download other voices from the Internet, should this be preferred. It can import a wide range of text-based files; read them aloud; highlight words as they are read, and convert text to speech. Balabolka’s main features are that it has a complex spell check facility; can import a wide range of text-based files e.g. Word, HTML and more; highlights text as it is read; and allows text to be saved as audio files such as MP3 and WAV.

Balabolka benefits individuals who can find it helpful to read and listen to text. It can also help individuals for whom English is a second language.

Getting Started with Balabolka

The Balabolka icon is

You can download and install Balabolka for free on your home computer at

Written instructions for using the features of both programs are shown in this lib guide but there are many videos on YouTube which also explain the features of Balabolka.