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Assistive Technology: Creating Bookmarks

Creating Bookmarks

When navigating through long documents, it can be easier to break it up into sections using bookmarks.

1. Place your cursor at the beginning of the document

2. Click on the ‘Insert Named Bookmarks’ icon

3. Another box will appear and you can type in the name of the bookmark you want to place and then click OK.

4. You can then go to the beginning of the next section with your cursor and insert another bookmark.

5. Clicking on the arrow next to the ‘Insert Named Bookmarks’ icon  shows the bookmarks in that document and clicking on the section title will take you to that area of the document.

Sreen shot of menu

6. Bookmarks in Balabolka are very useful when you wish to split your text into numerous audio files using specific sections as explained in the next section.

7. To keep your bookmarks 'save as' a Balabolka text file (.bxt)