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Assistive Technology: Split and Convert a Text File to an Audio File

Split and Convert a Text File to an Audio File

1. Ensuring your documents has bookmarks, as previously explained, click on the ‘split and convert to audio file’ icon (ripped text document with disc on top)

2. Another window will appear

Sreen shot of menu

3. Select the location that you would like to save the audio files in by clicking the browse button at the top right of the window.

4. Then select the audio file format just underneath (usually WAV or MP3)

5. Name your file appropriately.

6. Under split method, select ‘by named bookmarks’

Sreen shot of menu

7. At the bottom of the window click on the split and convert button.

8. A further window will appear to confirm that the sections are correct. If they are, click the split button at the bottom of that screen

Sreen shot of menu

9. Another window will come up to display the progress and you can stop or cancel if necessary.

10. When the save has been completed, a notification will come up on the bottom right of the computer screen.

11. You can then browse to the location of the files and double click them to play them in your default media player.

Sreen shot of menu