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Assistive Technology: Change the Speech Settings

Change the Speech Settings

1. It is possible to change from the default voice in Balabolka. There are free voices further down the Balabolka download page at: or you can search for other voices at:

2. To change the voice, rate and pitch of the speech settings, click on the configure voice icon (orange hand with finger pointing at a page of text)

3. A window will display just above the document

Sreen shot of menu

4. Use the dropdown list to select which voice you’d like to use and change the pitch and rate sliders if necessary. The downloadable free voices may come under the SAPI 4 tab of the voice configuration window rather than the SAPI 5 tab.

5. Ensure your cursor is at the beginning of the text in your document and then click the play icon (green square with white arrow) to test the new voice.

6. To close the configure window, just click on the configure voice icon again.