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Assistive Technology: ssOverlay


Using ssOverlay for Visual Stress

ssOverlay is a screen masking program aimed to help individuals who find it easier to read information on a computer with a colour overlay or screen masking. Its main features include:

·         8 screen colour masking options

·         Ability to adjust transparency levels to suit individual preferences.

Getting Started with ssOverlay

The ssOverlay icon is a yellow arrow pointing upwards. ssOverlay icon

Written instructions for using the features of both programs are shown here but there are also many videos available on YouTube which explain the features of ssOverlay in a visual format.

Changing Screen Overlays with ssOverlay

1.   Right click on the ssOverlay icon in the bottom right task bar.  Select the Settings option.

Screenshot of menu

2. Another window will come up showing the ssOverlay settings

Screen shot of menu

3. To select a colour to overlay, click on the drop down menu arrow on the second option and click the colour you wish to use.

Screen shot of menu

4. Once you have found a suitable colour, you can use the first option in the settings to choose how transparent you would like it to appear

Screen shot of menu

5. Once you are happy with your selection, click the OK button to save your settings and close the settings window

Screen shot of menu

6. To revert your screen back to the normal settings, just right click on the ssOverlay icon ssOverlay iconin the bottom right task bar and select exit.

Screen shot of menu

7. When you re-start the program ssOverlay will remember your previous settings