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Assistive Technology: RapidSet


Using RapidSet to Assist Visual Stress

RapidSet is a quick and easy way to change your screen background and text colours.

Getting Started with RapidSet

The RapidSet icon is a multi-coloured square.

On selecting RapidSet from the accessibility menu, a window will open which allows you to choose an appropriate colour for you background and text.

If you select ‘Choose Background Colours’ and then ‘define custom colours’, you can either choose the most suitable colour by eye or, if you have an ophthalmologist’s report, you can programme the correct colours by adjusting the figures for the red/green/blue balance.

RapidSet colur pallet

You can start to use this selection using the ‘Apply Settings’ button.

To reset the colours to black on white you should choose ‘Restore Default