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Assistive Technology: Exporting your map

Exporting your map

Exporting your map as an image

It can be useful to export your map as an image to put on a slideshow or to use as a revision aid - the topic titles can act as a hint to the information underneath

1. Select 'file' and 'export'

2.Select 'image' in the export dialogue box and then 'next'

3. Images can be exported in .bmp .jpeg .gif or .png formats

Exporting your map as a text or Word document

This is an easy process in X Mind Pro but can also be done in the free version:

1. Select 'file' and 'export'

2. Select .txt file in the export dialogue box

3. Click 'next' to continue

4. Choose 'browse' to select where you would like to save the document

5. To save as a text document, type in the file name and click finish e.g. essaydraft

  •  if you want to save it as a Word document, type in a file name and add .doc as an extension to the name and click finish e.g. essaydraft.doc

image showing export box