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Social Media for Researchers: Doodle


Doodle logo

Doodle is a scheduling tool which allows people to create a poll of dates and times when a meeting or social gathering can take place. It is a bit like the scheduling assistant in Outlook but you don't need to be in the same organisation and is very quick to use.
You don’t need to register to use this but you need account if you want to be able to log in and manage your doodles altogether.

  • Go to Doodle
  • Click on "+ Create a Doodle" in the top right hand corner of the main page. 
  • Fill in the form with the details of the event.

doodle event creation page


  • Click Continue in the bottom right hand corner after filling out the form. 
  • On the new calendar page, select the dates you want the event to happen on from the calendar and click next.You can also select specific times at this page. You can add as many sessions as you need. 

screenshot of the calendar page of Doodle

  • Click Continue in the bottom right hand corner. You will then be asked to choose what kind of poll you would like to create. The options are:
    • Yes, No, If need be. This would allow people to indicate which dates and times work for them.
    • Limit the number of votes per option. This allows you to cap the number of people who can express interest in a particular time slot. 
    • Limit participants to a single vote. People who receive the poll can only choose one potential time rather than voting for multiple times. 
    • Hidden Poll. Only you, and not other participants, can see the results of the poll. 
  • 7. Click continue. You will then be asked to enter your name and email address. 
  • 8. You will then be given a unique URL which you can send to people you would like to poll. Alternatively, you can create a Doodle account and email users directly through Doodle.