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Information for Non-UCL Library visitors: Stacks

Stacks/Stores Fetch Service

Materials in Stacks/Store are generally older, under-used or items that require special protection. These items are stored in library spaces on and off site. For this reason, IOE store items on Explore must be requested in advance and fetched by library personnel. Material requested from the IOE Stores can take up to 3 working days to arrive - but you will be sent an email as soon as the material is ready for collection. 

Items fetched from IOE Stores can only be used in the library. When you collect your requested material at the IOE Help Point, your ID card will be kept there while you use the material in the library. If you require the material for another day, just tell the librarian and the item will be kept for another date.

Materials requiring an appointment

Some materials published before 1950 will require an appointment In the Special Collections Reading Room.  Appointments can be made at the Help Point and the Special Collections Reading Room is open Tuesdays - Thursdays from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm, but exact times will have to be negotiated as time and space allows.

Official Publications and DERA

The Library collects print and electronic official publications which can be found in different collections including  the open shelves in the Main Education collection on Level 5 or the Reference collection on level 4. However, most Official Publications are kept in our Official Publications collection in store available upon request. A classmark for Official Publications may look like this:

For more information about official publications, go the the Official Publications LibGuide.




Another source of official publications is DERA, Digital Education Resource Archive, which is searchable and freely available. DERA is a digital archive of documents published electronically by government and related bodies in the area of education. For much more information, go to the DERA LibGuide.

Special Collections

The Newsam Library holds 27 Special Collections of books and pamphlets relating to education. These mainly historical collections of published books and documents (unpublished papers are held in the Archives). Most Special Collections are closed in terms of further acquisitions, but a few, such as the Official Publications Collection and the Historical Textbooks Collection, are still added to on a regular basis.

Special Collections materials and some materials published before 1950 must be requested in advance and will require arranging an appointment in Archives.

For more information, go to the Special Collections LibGuide.