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Technology in the Classroom: Interactive Whiteboards

This guide covers some of the technology used in primary, secondary and post compulsory classrooms.


Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are now being used in many schools and colleges to enhance teaching and learning.

An IWB consists of:

  • A computer
  • A digital projector
  • A touch sensitive board (either to a pen or finger)

Interactive Whiteboards: The Basics

At the Institute of Education we have mainly SMART IWBs but we have one Promethean IWB in of the PC lab 3 in the Library. Currently these are the main brand leaders and the ones most likely to be in school:

However there are other types of IWB including 'Starboards' and 'RMBoards'.

Software for IWB

Any software can of course be used on an IWB but to maximize the full interactivity of the IWB it is really worth exploring the 'Flipchart' Software that comes with the boards.

  • 'ActivInspire' the latest version of the flipchart software from Promethean IWBs (you may also see 'ActivStudio' or 'ActivPrimary') in classrooms.
  • 'SMART Notebook' the flipchart software for the SMART IWB.

There are also a range of advanced guides and downloadable flipcharts on the SMART and Promethean websites. Check out 'Resources' and 'Professional development' web pages on both websites.


Useful Reading

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