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Technology in the Classroom: Creative Presentations

This guide covers some of the technology used in primary, secondary and post compulsory classrooms.


PowerPoint may often be our go-to presentation tool, but it doesn't have to be boring. Have a look at the video to improve your PowerPoint as well as the links to games and quizzes templates which can make PP a more interactive experience.

There are also many alternative presentation tools now to choose from. See the list below.


Alternative Presentation Tools

Here are some other Web 2.0 presentation alternatives to PP which are FREE.

A zooming online presentation tool which is very visual and can be edited by others online as well as downloaded. 

An easy way to share existing PP presentations online and find other relevant presentations. Also very easy to add a narration in MP3 format. 

A collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments. 

50 ways to tell a story
This is a great website analysising the different ways of presenting the same information with a range of online presentation tools including my favourites above and many more.

Creative Presentations: The Basics

I like this Pimp my PowerPoint video which is about the basics of keeping people (and yes that includes children and young people) engaged. No more bulleted lists and reading off slides.
PowerPoint is a great way to create activities, quizzes and games. Search for the latest PP templates. Here are some online templates and examples.

This is a great video explaining how to make a simple quiz in PP from scratch.

There are a range of software guides for Office including PowerPoint here.

Pimp my PowerPoint

Subject Guide