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Technology in the Classroom: Digital Professional Development

This guide covers some of the technology used in primary, secondary and post compulsory classrooms.


As we know teachers are busy people and the trend now for Professional Development is short informal gatherings of teachers to share ideas and resources.

There are also lots of opportunities for online communication and collaboration.

Inspiring Voices

Here are a few links to inspirational educators and organisations who are passionate about Technology innovations.

Stephen Heppell firmly believes change is happening and education has a central role to play. 

Ken Robinson is another passionate educationalist. Check out his now famous speech about school and creativity.
Futurlab  is an independent organisation focused on creative approaches to education.

Digital Professional development: The basics

An organised but informal meeting for teachers to share good practice and ideas in teaching with technology. They are usually organised by teachers for teachers and are all over the UK. Look out for one near you on their website.

Joining Twitter is a great way to find like-minded teachers and share good ideas.
There are also Twitter 'meetings'  for example using the hashtag  every Thursday between 8-9pm for educators to chat about ideas, events and resources.

BETT is a free exhibition of the latest Technology for Education. It includes seminars and workshops run by teachers and educationalists as well as stands  by Apple, Google and Microsoft etc.

Vital provides educators with access to free, innovative and dynamic teaching resources as well as peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Provide relevant and useful advice, digital content and services, as well as research and develops new technologies and ways of working in education and research.

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