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Referencing with Harvard: Confidential information

Confidential Information

To be made up of:

  • Anonymised institution/agency (in square brackets).
    • In some situations, you can anonymise by using terms such as 'Subject 1', 'Patient X' or 'Baby J' instead of real names; or 'Placement school', 'Placement hospital' or 'Placement agency' instead of actual institutions.
  • Year produced (in round brackets).
  • Anonymised title (in italics) (use square brackets for the anonymised part).
  • Location.
  • Anonymised producer (in square brackets).


In-text citation:

The records they produced (Placement hospital, 2014)…

Reference list:

[Placement hospital] (2014) [Placement hospital] examination criteria for patients with dementia. London: [Placement hospital].

Referencing Guides

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