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Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA): Welcome

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Welcome to DERA

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DERA stands for Digital Education Resource Archive and is a digital archive of over 31700 documents published electronically by the UK Government and related bodies in the areas of education, training and skills.

About DERA

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Because most Government documents are now published electronically, only a selected amount of key official publications are still collected in print format by our library. All other documents are available online and although in theory this means that there is a greater degree of access to them, the reality is that these can sometimes be hard to find or even 'disappear' as organisations are restructured, merged or closed.                                                      

In response to this issue the Library has developed DERA, a fully searchable and freely available digital archive for born digital publications in the subject areas of education, training and skills. Documents for inclusion are selected by the Official Publications Librarian and the DERA records are edited and uploaded by Cataloguing and Acquisitions staff.

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DERA Collection Statement

The repository includes documents published electronically by the UK Government, UK Parliament (including devolved Assemblies), government departments, semi-official organisations (quangos) and think tanks in the areas of education, training, children and families. All publications are added subject to copyright permission and are available in perpetuity. Government and departmental publications are collected at a high level of intensity, material published by quangos and think tanks is acquired more selectively, often following an agreement between the UCL Institute of Education and the individual organisation.

The repository includes:

  • annual reports.
  • consultation documents.
  • guidance.
  • research reports.
  • speeches.
  • statistics.

Press releases, forms, letters, promotional material and documents containing personal information are not collected.

The default format for DERA items is PDF and documents originally produced in other file formats are converted to PDF where possible.

Images are redacted if they lack explicit permission to be re-used, providing that the document in which they are included can be modified.

More information regarding policies related to metadata, data, content, submission and preservation can be found on the Repository Policies page 

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