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Using Ebooks: Alexander Street Press

Accessing Social Theory by Alexander Street Press

About Alexander Street Press' Social Theory

Social Theory is a database of works selected by Alexander Street Press. It aims to provide access to the major sociological theorists and texts by lesser known writers. The database covers texts from the 19th century until today. It includes both texts which are out of copyright and contemporary works which are still in copyright.

Printing and copying

Works in Social Theory are all provided as printable HTML web documents.

Fair use under current international copyright laws allows uses to reproduce a single copy of material held in Social Theory, for personal research and private use.

Accessing Social Theory

When you click through to Social Theory, you may be prompted to log-in. Select "Authorize using institutions" and then select UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON. This will take you to the UCL log in portal. 

To access the ebook or other resource you wish to use, select "View Documents" next to each relevant entry. 

Screenshot of an entry on the Social Theory database selecting "view document"

You may also need to select an individual chapter or section of the resource to read:

Screenshot of a chapter entry on Social Theory


Software for Alexander Street Press

Social Theory is optimised to work with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.0

Alexander Street Press Help

For help searching and navigating Social Theory, Alexander Street Press have an in-depth Help Guide.

For help with technical issues, contact