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Using Ebooks: Bloomsbury

Accessing Bloomsbury Collections

Logo of Bloomsbury Collections ebook platform

Bloomsbury Collections


Downloading and printing

You can download PDFs of individual chapters of books. These can be downloaded to a wide range of devices, including e-book readers and tablets.

PDFs are DRM free and may be printed or saved to personal computers.


You can browse for ebooks by subject, or used Advanced Search to search more thoroughly.

Available titles will show either:

Unlocked book symbol an unlocked symbol, if they are subscribed content, or

Open book symbol an open book, if they are open access material.

Software for Bloomsbury Collections

You can download Bloomsbury Collections titles to any device that are compatible with PDFs.

Bloomsbury Collections regularly test for browser comparability, and currently support the following on PC, Mac and mobile operating systems:

  • Internet Explorer (version 8 onwards).
  • Safari (version 6 onwards).
  • Firefox (most recent version).
  • Chrome (most recent version).

Bloomsbury Collection Help

For more information, read the Bloomsbury Collections Help and FAQ, available on their website.