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Using Ebooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

Accessing Ebook Central Ebooks

ProQuest Ebook Central

Format and Restrictions

  • DRM-protected PDF.
  • unlimited simultaneous users.

Reading Online

If you choose to read online, you will be able to:

  • print up to 40% of the ebook.
  • copy up to 20% of the ebook.
  • view your print and copy balances in the online reader.

Your printing and copying must still be in line with copyright law.


You can choose to download the full book or an individual chapter. If you download a full book, you will have the ebook for 1 to 3 days. You will not be able to print or copy from the downloaded ebook.

Chapters can be downloaded as individual PDFs. These can be copied and printed, but will come out of your total print balance for the book.

Software for Ebook Central

The following software is recommended when using Ebook Central ebooks:

You may need to register for an Adobe ID.

Ebook Central Help

ProQuest has several aids to help you use Ebook Central:

You can also access the ProQuest Ebook Central Help page when you are signed in using your UCL log-in.