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Using Ebooks: Ebook Collection EBSCOHost

Accessing Ebooks on EBSCOHost

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EBSCO eBooks


Format and Restrictions

  • Most books limited to up to 3 users per book. If you find the book is in use, try later.
  • PDF and EPUB.

Reading Online

If you choose to read online you will be able to:

  • copy and paste limited sections of the text.
  • download and print limited sections of the text using the "Save Pages" feature.
  • view your remaining download limit.
  • annotate and bookmark pages.


If you choose to download an ebook, you will need to create an Ebscohost account. Be aware that only sections can be downloaded.

  • Select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Checkout & Download button.
  • Select Open or Save the file from the resulting dialog box.
  • If you Open the file, your eBook is opened with Adobe® Digital Editions.
  • If you Save the file, the eBook is saved to your computer and can be opened with Adobe® Digital Editions at a later time.


Software for Ebooks on EBSCOHost

The following software is recommended when downloading EBSCOHost ebooks:

You may need to register for an Adobe ID.

If you are reading online, EBSCOHost has the following minimum requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.
  • FireFox 8.0 or later.
  • Safari 5.1 or later.
  • Google Chrome 16.0 or later.
  • JavaScript, Cookies Enabled.

Ebooks on EBSCOHost Help

EBSCO Connect provides extensive information to enable you to use this collection more effectively. For briefer or more specific information, you may like to try the guidance: