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Using Ebooks: Taylor & Francis

Accessing Taylor & Francis Ebooks

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Taylor & Francis eBooks

Format and Restrictions

  • 95% of collection DRM-free.
  • PDF.

Printing, copying and downloading

Most Taylor and Francis eBooks have no restrictions on printing or copying and pasting for an individual user, subject to copyright. Books are watermarked at the point of download with the individual's user name, institution, IP address of the institution, and the date and time.

Taylor and Francis eBooks can be downloaded as PDFs or read online using Taylor and Francis' online viewer.

A small number of eBooks in the collection may have an icon showing that they are not DRM-free:  yellow DRM icon

If a book is not DRM-free it will have the following restrictions:

  • user session of 120 minutes per book.
  • 1-5 concurrent users per book.
  • 30 pages printing limit per user session.
  • 1000 words copy/paste limit per user session.


Software for Taylor and Francis eBooks

DRM-free Taylor and Francis eBooks can be downloaded to any device that is compatible with PDFs.

Adobe Reader is recommended for PDF downloads.

DRM titles cannot be downloaded to mobile devices.

If Google Chrome does not display DRM titles correctly, you may need to disable your Chrome PDF viewer plugin.

Taylor and Francis eBooks Help

For more information, read the Taylor and Francis eBooks Help and FAQs page, available on their website.