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Referencing with Harvard: Examples

A - Z Listing and Links to Types of Resources You Can Reference

Advertisement Cartoon Encyclopaedia (entry)

Inscription on building

Map (geological survey)


Television programme

Ancient Text


European Union publications Inscription on monument Map (online) Painting or drawing Thesis or dissertation
Anthology Census Exhibition Installation Map (ordnance survey) Pamphlet Torah
Atlas Chapter in a book (print) Facebook Internal Report Market research report from online database Parish register Translated work
Audio Book Clipart Film (streamed) Interview (internet) Mathematical equation Patents Transliteration
Bible Cochrane Library Review

Financial Report from online databases

Interview (internet)

Microform Personal communication Tutor's handout


Collected works Foreign language material (Transliteration) Interview (newspaper) Military record Phonecast Tutor's lecture notes in VLE/Intranet
Bill (House of Commons/Lords) Comics Government / Official publication Interview (television) Minutes of meeting Photographic print or slide Twitter
Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate Command paper Graffiti Interview (with a film director) Multivolume work Photograph from the internet Video podcast
Blog Company annual report Graph Journal article Musical score Play Video or film on YouTube
Book (printed, one author) Computer game Hansard Journal article (pre-published) Newspaper article Podcast War memorial
Book (printed, two or three authors) Computer programme Historical books in online collection Journal article (with more than three authors) Newspaper article (online) Poster Web page (individual author)
Book (printed, three to seven authors) Conference paper (in a digital repository) House of Commons/Lords paper Journal article (online) Non-English work Powerpoint Presentation Web page (no authors)
Book (printed, with an editor)

Conference paper (individual)

  Journal article (via VLE)   Press release and announcements Web page (organisation as author)
Book (printed, with authors and editors) Conference proceeding (full)   Leaflet   Publication of international organisations Wiki
Book (printed, with no author)     Legislation from UK devolved assembly  


Book (printed, in digital repository)     Lines in a play   Qu'ran  
Book illustrations, figures, diagrams, logos and tables         Radio and internet radio  
British Standards         Reprinted work  
          Research report  
          Review (book)  
          Review (drama)  
          Review (musical performance)  
          RSS feed  
          Scientific dataset  
          Song lyrics  
          Statutory instrument  
          Student's own work