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International Education: Focus on Nepal

Student/Country Focus

   The February/March 2018 Student/Country Focus is provided by Aditee Oli from Nepal.

Aditee Oli

Hi!  my name is Aditee Oli. I am from Nepal, studying full time for my Masters in Education Health Promotion and International Development.

When I’m not studying, I am busy exploring and reading. (I am a big fan of fiction) I also love to travel to far off places and explore different cultures, but this is my first time in the UK.

Aditee's Education and Experience in Nepal, India and the US

I would say I’ve had a very colourful educational experience. Although I am from Nepal, I went to boarding school in India. This was due to the Maoist insurgency in the country which caused a lot of disruption to education. So, from Grade 3 to 10, I went to a convent school, and then finished grades 11 and 12 in Woodstock School.

After graduating in 2012, I went to Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania, US, for my BA in Public Health. I was certified to give mental health first aid after trauma, I participated in a lot of conferences and tried my hand at driving. During that time, I was able to visit a lot of places within the US until I graduated in 2016.

After that, I applied for jobs in the States as well as Nepal. However, all I really wanted to do was to get my MA. I was accepted in the IOE programme in late August 2016, but I had to defer for a year and began working with uterine prolapse patients.  This was the first year I had spent in Nepal after all those years away and it really opened my eyes to the differences between all these countries. Being born into a liberal family, I didn’t have to face all the rigorous demands that society imposed on Nepalese women; but seeing my counterparts face these problems made me really question my own cultural values, and how much I’d let myself be conditioned by them.

My dissertation at the IOE focuses on menstrual hygiene practices in Nepal and delves into historical and cultural practices in Nepal. My programme is equipping me with the academic grounding to process what I see better and it has helped me to come up with sustainable solutions.

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