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IOE Library Search: IOE Library Search - Latest Developments

IOE Library Search is the new discovery system for the Newsam Library and Archives.

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What does it include?

IOE Library Catalogue

IOE Archives Catalogue

IOE Eprints

Digital Education Resource Archive (DERA)

Ejournals and Ebooks

British Education Index (BEI)

Abstracts and Indexes

and more...

IOE Library Search

IOE Library Search
Search for books, articles and online resources from IOE Library and Archives.
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Latest Developments

  • 17 Apr 2015: Unexpected error and zero results in Librarysearch. This has been reported to the supplier for urgent attention. You can try to empty your browser's cache and close/reopen your browser. Also try a different browser type. However, this does not always resolve the problem and we apologize for the inconvenience. You can use the library catalogue and other databases as normal.
  • 7 Oct 2014: Basic search page bug where too many results being returned now fixed; IOE Find it! button replaced with "Continue search"; New facet for source introduced; Inclusion of records into facets which were missing; Correct icon displayed for material type of result; Remved BEIPlus as the Ebsoc results are presented as part of an "Everything" search.
  • 11 Sep 2014: Fixed some problems which meant filters were not including records they should. Added new facet "Source" so you can filter results on library catalogue, DERA etc..
  • 12 Aug 2014: Problem with connector to library catalogue - FIXED 13 Aug.
  • 11 Aug 2014: Bug identified which was stopping the IOE FullText window opening. FIXED 12 Aug.
  • 8 Aug 2014: Working on new logic to reduce the number of duplicated service options presented at record level. Coming in September.
  • 16 Jul 2014: Soft launch took place today!
  • 1 Jul 2014: We are about to migrate to the production server. After some more testing, we can launch our new discovery tool.
  • 30 May 2014: Configuration is underway. IOE Library search is scheduled to be launched in Beta version in early July. Watch this space!