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IOE Staff Guide to Library & Archives: Copyright

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Copyright Issues

Copyright and scanned print materials 

The CLA's new Higher Education Licence came into force on August 1st 2016. It allows the Institute to supply digital copies of limited extracts from UK, most US and some other countries' printed copyright material to students enrolled on a specific course at the IOE. Staff wishing to produce course packs or re-purpose library resources containing copyright material in any way are bound by the terms of the licence.

**Please note that we operate a strict takedown policy and will remove any material that does not adhere to the rules outlined below**

Below is a summary of the most important licence conditions. The full licence terms and conditions can be found on the CLA web site along with a useful overview

The proportion of a book, journal or magazine that may be scanned is restricted to as follows:

  • Up to 10% or one chapter of a book (whichever is the greater).
  • One article from a journal issue.
  • One article from a set of conference proceedings.
  • The entire report of a single case of a published report of judicial proceedings.
  • One short story or poem not exceeding ten (10) pages in length in the case of an anthology of short stories or poems.

Other restrictions stipulate that -

  • The library must own a copy of the original publication.
  • Obtain a copyright fee paid copy from a supplier such as the British Library where we do not have it.
  • Only designated persons at the IOE can make digital copies for the purposes of a course of study.

*Note that copying from an existing digital source is now allowed.

What can’t be used?

  • Tutor’s own personal copies (including interlibrary loans)
  • Proof or inspection copies from publishers
  • Downloaded PDFs from ejournals/ebook

 Course packs

Institute staff wishing to produce printed course packs containing copyright material should send the following details about all the items included in the pack to Library Digitisation -

  • ISBN /ISSN number of the book or journal to be copied
  • Title of the work (and author's name)
  • Publisher's name and year of publication
  • Number of pages to be copied from the work
  • Number of students to whom the pack is to be distributed

A Brief Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)

The PowerPoint below, explains the fundamentals of IP with some useful links provided.

Useful IOE Books on Copyright