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IOE Staff Guide to Library & Archives: Short Course Library Access

Short Courses and Library Access

The IOE Library is transitioning over to UCL policies and will now follow UCL policy for people on short courses.  If IOE staff require library access for people doing short courses, they will need to put them on the Services System and they will then have to pick the cards up from the Andrew Huxley Building.  The IOE Library has no part in this process.

Students on UCL-run short courses, continuing education course or summer schools are also eligible for entry on the UCL Services System in the same manner as departmental visitors. Such students should be appropriately recorded on the UCL Services System by the relevant departmental staff member, who will allocate the appropriate title and duration to the visitor. Registration via the Services System also allows Departmental Administrators to request the required UCL ID cards, plus any additional services (such as computer access, telephone access etc.) at the same time as arranging library access.

Once a registration is made, an appropriate record is loaded into the Library Services computer systems from the Services System. UCL Visitor ID cards come complete with a library barcode on the reverse and this is again loaded into the record the night after the card is collected, meaning no separate library registration is required.

Short course, continuing education and summer school students registered through the Service System are granted reference only access to the UCL Library collections as part of their services system registration. Departmental Services System users can request borrowing access for these students and options to request borrowing access become available from the "request services" menu, where appropriate. Such requests are transmitted to the Library Membership Services staff for confirmation. Please note that, in some circumstances, a charge is payable for borrowing access.

For more information about short courses on library pages, scroll down to 'Short course, continuing education and summer school students' here.