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Using Journals: Print Journals

Print Journals

Journals in the IOE Library

All journals are for reference use in the library only.

Journals on Level 3

The majority of journals are open access on Level 3, and available for reference use within the Library.  Journals are shelved alphabetically by title, and then chronologically.  All journals can be photocopied, although copyright restrictions do apply.  It is permissible to photocopy up to 5% or one complete article from a single issue of a journal.

Curriculum Resources Journals on Level 4

Curriculum Resources journals, selected for their usefulness in preparing classroom materials, are located on Level 4 near the Curriculum Resources collection. 

Store journals

Less frequently used journals and print journals which are available electronically have been moved to UCL stores. You can request material through UCL Explore or by using the Store Request form. Requests should be made at least two business days in advance. 

Who can use print journals?

UCL staff , UCL students and library visitors can use the print journals in the Library as reference materials.  You can photocopy specific articles from print journals (copyright permissions apply).

Note that any journals in UCL Stores will need to be requested in advance.  Any journals older than 1950 will need to be consulted by appointment in the Archives Reading Room open Tuesdays - Thursdays.  Please contact for more information.

Cover of a journal titled Compare