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Searching for Resources: ERIC (ProQuest)

Getting to Know ERIC

Databases come in a variety of sizes and subjects. To choose the database that is right for you, try asking these questions:

  • How does this database meet your search needs? Is it subject-based or multidisciplinary?
  • What are some ways that you can limit/narrow results?
  • What are some of the database's special features or tools?
  • Is this database easy or difficult to use?
  • What do you like or dislike about this database?

Screenshot of the search page on ERIC

Name: ERIC or Education Resources Information Center (Proquest)

Age: established in 1966

Location: US-based but international in scope available via Proquest or EBSCO

Description: world's largest education database with over 1.5 records

Did you know? The ERIC Thesaurus contains nearly 12,000 terms and is freely available.

Screenshot of Eric on the ProQuest platform

Screenshot of search results from ERIC

Screenshot of a search result from ERIC to demonstrate what a full record with abstract and subject headings would look like

Screenshot of dialogue box showing how to create a citation from a reference on ERIC

Screenshot of search history on ERIC

Screenshot of the Thesaurus on ERIC